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GAMB braucht euch


Unsere Kinder im GAMB, Schutzengel-Waisenhaus in Emene Enugu Nigeria, bedanken sich:

Wir haben nun endlich unser neues Schulgebäude bezogen!
Mit Ihrer Unterstützung konnte das neue Schuljahr am 12. September beginnen. Teilen Sie die Freude unserer GAMB Kinder, die die Schule besuchen.

Sie haben mit Ihrer moralischen, materiellen und geistlichen Unterstützung ermöglicht, jenen Kindern, die nie ein Kinderzimmer oder eine Grundschule lernen kennen sollten, eine Basis für die Zukunft zu legen.

Wir danken Ihnen für Ihre freundliche Unterstützung und bitten Sie natürlich weiterhin, Ihr gutes Werk an verlassenen Kindern fortzusetzen.

Liebe Pfarrgemeinde Zellhausen, ich werde euch im Oktober besuchen, um den Gottesdienst zu zelebrieren.
Vergelts Gott
Msgr. Prof. Pfarrer Obiora Ike

GAMB 2016 Report:

Dear Friends and supporters of the GAMB project in Enugu Nigeria,

Financial and Activity Report on Project Development of Guardian Angels Motherless Babies Home (January to September, 2016)
With this mail we convey appreciation and very profound gratitude to the Parish of Mainhausen and all the good people who support GAMP orphanage Enugu for your generosity in helping children in need in year 2016 with Grants totalling Euros 13.926.50.- to the GAMB sent in 2 instalments of:
a)  Euros 5000.-paid directly into CIDJAP Project Accounts in April 2016 and
b)  Euros 8.926.50 paid through the PMK in Aachen in May/June 2016.
These amounts were translated at the time of transfer into the local Nigerian currency and we obtained the total sum of Naira Four Million One Hundred and Seventy Seven Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Naira only (NGN 4.177.950.-).
a)  From January to June 2016 we received an income of NGN 4.936.887.45
b)  From January to June 2016 the expenditure was the sum of NGN 5.640.724.-
c)  From July to September 2016 we received an income of NGN 3.545.445.08.
d)  GAMB Expenditure for the period stood at NGN 2.52.821.05.
e)  Total overall income from you, our friends of Germany and from other internally generated Local sources for the period of January to September stood at NGN 9.482.332.53.
f)  For the same period of January to September, the total Expenditure of managing the Home stood at NGN 8.166.541.-
g)  Therefore for the Three Quarters of January to September 2016, GAMB had a credit balance after all expenditure of NGN 1.288.791.53.-
a)  Out of this entire income amount of NGN 9.482.332.53, the parish of Mainhausen sent us directly and through the PMK Aachen the sum of NGN 4.177.959.-representing about 35% of income generated for the period.

GAMB 2016 Report:

b)  This means that the sum of NGN 5.304.373.- was internally generated for 9 months, representing about 65% of the finances of year 2016 at Third Quarter Reporting Period.
c) When we are ready with the income that may come for the final quarter of October till December 2016, we may be lucky to have internally generated perhaps up to 80 percent or more of the running funds needed for the GAMB orphanage.
a)  For our friends from abroad, this translates to a growing self-sufficiency and sustainability in the local funds required for the daily running of the Home. As we thank all our friends, it is important to continue to rely on your good will and support especially for capital projects such as the Water Project now envisaged.
b)  We have enclosed in this mail, the overall Details of the entire accounts for the period under reporting including statistics on the numbers of children, education efforts with the building of a new school for the Orphanage and the estate. The new school project called CIDJAP St Joseph Nursery-Primary School (GS) cost us over 5o million Naira raised from the Diocese of Enugu through CIDJAP, other friends and well -wishers of the GAMB orphanage.
c)  We have also enclosed information on health issues and some problems of the Home particularly the issue of a permanent solution for water.
d)  Our resolve on Water in the Home is to Harvest Water during the Rainy Season and store for the dry season with the construction of a sizeable underground Water Tank. The costs and dimensions are enclosed in this report. Total envisaged amount is NGN 24.672.000.- About Euros 50.000.-to 60.000 at the current fluctuating rate of Exchange. We are thankful for your help.
We convey once again our gratitude to the Christians and people of the parish of St Wendelinus Mainhausen who have continued to support this project. We thank the PMK in Aachen for creating the Project 26Q. several years ago and for helping us to help ourselves over time. We are grateful. Please be assured of our prayers and good will and the good care we give the children of the Home.
With total resignation to the Will of God, we announce the death of the Sister Superior of the GAMB Home, Sr Lucy Ohadomere who died on 21st November 2016 at the young age of 63. She was the founding sister who has taken care of the GAMB Home since inception in 1999 and managed the centre till her death. We are all bereaved and ask you to join us to pray for her peaceful repose in God who is merciful and kind. Sr Lucy shall be buried on 3rd December 2016 in her convent of the Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy (DMMM) Ahieke Umuahia.
We ask you to remember her in your prayers and to keep her flame burning by your continued support for the GAMB Home into the future. The children need you. They are now motherless a second time through her sudden and untimely death.
She will be happy as you support the Home and bless you from her heavenly abode because she lived and witnessed a saintly life. May the soul of Sr Lucy rest in perfect Peace. Amen.

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